Nest Boxes from the Experts

REGARDING NEST BOX SALES AS AT 28/09/17 UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE: Nest Boxes are made to order by our skilled volunteer carpenters.  Due to high demand, we are unable to take new orders until after 1st January 2018.  Please check back here for details or telephone 01328 856788 for the latest information.  Thank you

We have added our expert-designed range of Nest Boxes to our shop. Previously these were only available for collection from our Sculthorpe Moor Reserve in Norfolk. They can now be delivered direct to your door throughout the UK. To Buy for Collection Click Here. To Buy for Delivery Click Here.

Made to Order in our Sculthorpe Moor Workshops

fsc_logoThe Hawk and Owl Trust pioneered nest boxes to help save barn owls and similar farmland species. Its expert designs are tried and tested. Every box not only improves wildlife habitats but also supports vital conservation work.

A range of nest boxes for owls and other birds of prey is made to order in Norfolk by Sculthorpe Moor Community Nature Reserve volunteers. We source the timber for all our nest boxes from Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) certified suppliers – click their logo (right) to visit their web site..

Our range of nest boxes. From left to right: Exterior Barn Owl Nest Box, Interior Barn Owl Nest Box Mk2, Little Owl Nest Box Mk2, Kestrel Nest Box & Tawny Owl Nest Box

Nest Boxes can be collected from:
Sculthorpe Moor Community Nature Reserve – Turf Moor Road Sculthorpe Fakenham Norfolk NR21 9GN Tel: 01328 856788

Nest Boxes can be delivered to:
Your address in the UK.

NB | Nest Boxes are not eligible for ‘Free’ Shipping. Delivery costs are included within the ‘Nest Boxes for Delivery’ Shopping Cart

The Wonderful Volunteers at Sculthorpe Moor are ‘Boxing Clever’!

We all know how important it is to help provide nesting places for our owls and birds of prey. The stark quote ‘4 out of 5 barn owl pairs need to use artificial nesting places now due to lack of traditional habitat’ drives this message home. That’s why four volunteers at Sculthorpe Moor are busy nest box making in their very own workshop!

Ivan Bell and Geoff Clark in workshop

Ivan Bell and Geoff Clark in the workshop

At our Sculthorpe Moor reserve in North Norfolk, four dedicated chaps, Derek Jennings, Eric Adnams, Ivan Bell and Geoff Clark have been making top quality nest boxes for barn, little and tawny owls and also kestrels. They also make nesting baskets for hobbies and long eared owls and bat boxes!

This set up first began way back in 2003 with workshop space provided by our Vice President David Cobham, who at the time live in the near by village of Syderstone. As the project gained momentum the workshop was moved to the Sculthorpe Reserve itself and has gone from strength to strength.

Orders are now coming in from all over Britain, such as from the Norfolk Broads Authority who have just ordered 10 kestrel and 15 barn owl boxes. Customers can either pick them up from the centre at Sculthorpe or the fully assembled box can be sent by parcel post.

Autumn is a really good time to put nest boxes up because it gives plenty of time for the birds to get used to the idea of the box being there before the breeding season gets going in earnest.

The Sculthorpe nest box team has pioneered design innovations over the years, making sure the boxes are as suitable as possible for the birds in question. The team use only Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) grade marine ply, ensur- ing that the boxes won’t rot and water based wood pre- server, which is bird safe. Another innovation that the Sculthorpe team has perfected is a method of gluing and nailing the boxes together rather than using screws as they have found that screws let in water.