Dusk Until Dawn

Dusk Until Dawn

Dusk Until Dawn

By Martin Bradley
Foreword by Colin Shawyer

When the barn owl wakes and begins its hunt most of us are preparing to sleep. Just what does this beautiful bird get up to once the sun sets?

Told in rhyme, with full page illustrations, we follow the barn owl as it seeks out its prey through to dawn.

From Colin Shawyer's (of the Barn Owl Conservation Network) foreword:

"Martin has, without doubt, written and produced an outstanding book which now needs to find its way to our children's hearts, through their parents, grandparents and schools.

Please give Martin your support to achieve this."

About the Author

Written and illustrated by Martin Bradley, author of the popular Peregrine Falcon book Top Gun Of The Sky. Martin has a keen interest in birds with a particular passion for birds of prey.

Through his books he hopes to share that passion and educate a new generation about these wonderful birds.

Published by: Ceratopia Books

Pages: 36


Price: £4.99

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