Wildlife Monographs OWLS by David Tipling and Jari Peltomaki

Wildlife Monographs OWLS by David Tipling and Jari Peltomaki

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Owls command attention, the quintessential emblem of darkness, they evoke strong cultural responses, making their mysterious lives fascinating to us. Northern Europe's 12 species range from the huge Great Grey, with a round head as big as a small child's to the tiny Pygmy Owl that possesses a strength and ferocity out of all proportion to its size. For two of the worlds finest bird photographers, Jari Peltomaki and David Tipling photographing and learning about owl behaviour has become a passion. This book explores the fascinating lives of our owls, accompanied by riveting diary accounts from the authors adventures photographing in Europe's wildest places. Encounters with owls are often fleeting, the hoot of a Tawny Owl emanating from a churchyard or the white ghost-like flash of a Barn Owl momentarily caught the headlights. This book reveals these secret lives in spectacular pictures, many published here for the first time. their natural habitats. If we aren't careful, they may not be there for much longer, and each volume is also a plea for protection, backed by leading campaigners. Wildlife Monographs, a series of fabulous, full-colour books led by stunning photographic images with fresh, informative and vivid new text charting our favourite wild animals on their home terrain. The spellbinding, intimate images captured by some of the world's premier wildlife photographers breathe with vivid insight and a sense of being closer than most of us can ever hope to be. With bright, compelling text that successfully combines fascinating information with accessibility, these are books to give as gifts, to treasure and to share across every age from eight to eighty. Here's a glimpse of some of the world's increasingly rare and endangered species, captured on camera.


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